Flowing Like Milk and Honey

Words don't escape me, I let them out silky and smooth like warm honey…

The door opened and in
she sauntered,
like a mellow summer breeze
gently flowing
through an open window.
An apparition of Aphrodite
dressed in the splendor
of woman.

At the counter he stood
reading his paper
waiting for his coffee
turning to leave
he smiled a flicker of radiance
like sunlight in morning dew
and her thoughts became
his daydream
and she felt exposed
by the richness of dark chocolate
full of mischief
And that stride,
that syrupy stride as smooth
as warm honey,
full of confidence

As she ordered her coffee
robust and black
laughing a little
at the thoughts
he exposed
At the table he sat
carefully encasing her
in a delicate whisper
like Zephyr freely flowing
their eyes meeting
measure for measure
and he felt himself
in those smoky topaz
kisses of the moon.

An alluring game
Taunting gazes,
teasing the imagination.
To gaze
upon him
as he gazed
upon her
was to envision him in a
midsummer dream
caught in this siren’s
sweet, silky song.
Her eyes calling to him softly,
His smiling calling to her softly
Both drowning,
unable to refuse
Wanting to capsize
in the precarious swells
of the unspoken
heavenly hellos
captivating quips
and she knows
he will follow

The door opened and out
she sauntered,
like a mellow summer breeze
gently flowing
through an open window
An apparition of Aphrodite
dressed in the splendor
that only confidence brings
a smile playing at her lips
thinking how
women are so very like


5 thoughts on “Thoughts Exposed

  1. Wow amazing i like this so much!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nel says:

    So sensual! I agree with starlightbrightly. This is pretty amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eabmarshall says:

      Thank you. I just felt the desire to describe the joy in appreciating how empowering it feels to be a confident woman. Not that I am! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nel says:

        To be able to express the words like you just did screams confidence to me! Talent is confidence in and of itself and you definition have talent in abundance!


  3. eabmarshall says:

    And that was a mouth full. 😅


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