Flowing Like Milk and Honey

Words don't escape me, I let them out silky and smooth like warm honey…

Child’s play and middle school games
get disciplined but
don’t need a
just because self-proclaimed grown folks spend too much
time out
of reality, ice cold in Cyber-ia
with thoughts as fake as new lashes
and money pics
these are the wannabes of
eloquence and brilliance
lacking a skill set to rival what my diction was
when hieroglyphic and cuneiform
were just free-hand LOLs and LMAOs
waiting for Rosetta
stop posting your bitterness.
Yours are no words written by
true philosophers, just
wicked post and jealous comments
and liked self-made dramas
wishing ills
when daughters and sons
becomes the ill-est and
not lyrically or figuratively speaking
but in truth, sick
living with the demons of your past.

With the mind of a Welch’s grape juice box
in a world that needs
burgundies, merlots, champagnes,
even a few Domaine Romanée-Conti’s
La Tâche,
you raise
your glass
and drink your
pungent negativity to new heights
fist pumping to the beat of envy
with venom dripping
sanguine and lethargic
from the fangs you purchased
with your abandoned pride
and dignity
as you swear that you
are raising
your daughters and sons
so the world ‘friends’ them
and ‘posts’ bitter seeds that sow
what you ‘like’ as you leave
them vulnerable
‘snap’ped by breathless
whispers floating on a
still breeze.

Nothing is real
through the filters
you see
a world that you made
from bitter petty
spread your fingers in the bad-boy stance,
deuces, you reek of it
bitter, petty and
full of envious dreams
Pretending to be USDA Grade A
Choice cuts,
when you are only
Jungle meat, those hotdogs
Sinclair and Alinsky told you about
You spend more time wall posting
clicking like and sharing feelings of imaginary happiness
reflections of your poison’s acid
as you walk past covered mirrors
afraid of what you
and your demons
have become…

You are just a bitter harpy
professing to have happiness in the midst of your envy
because you are too weak to do
anything but swipe your talons
at the heels of others
as you lose the race and become
just a shadow opening your orifice unleashing that Kraken of an
acid tongue for
another deadly kiss-off
hidden by a smile only a fool would mistake
as friendly.

And then that maybe the problem

Sweetness is never bitter
when spoken with wise lips
and bitter is never sweet
from the lips of a…


2 thoughts on “Bitter: Ode to Social Media Drama

  1. very good! I wish your font was a bit bigger for my poor eyes but I did manage to get it. You have a great way with word choices.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eabmarshall says:

      I made it larger.

      Liked by 1 person

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