Flowing Like Milk and Honey

Words don't escape me, I let them out silky and smooth like warm honey…

before we lost everything our senses our humanity our purpose in life we read books and shared thoughts and discussed our differences we learned to acknowledge and tolerate the things that made us a beautiful mosaic created by blessed by loved by God the importance of what we are became the significance of what we …

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Mezzo-piano. Night-soft lullabies, bed-time lyrics We’re making music chambered instrument soft, sexy, jazzy deep mellow sounds of the clarinet breathing harmony in me Ellington’s sound that penetrates and I taste the notes Making liquid music, so intoxicating That I drink music like sweet hot rum. I want to be the instrument. Something mellow, a bass …

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I tried once feeling depleted and homesick wet-eyed, hungry and desperate for my momma’s hug and smile needing to taste and feel the comfort of home So, I tried to once to cook my momma’s fried chicken but I lost myself in the memories Momma’s ancient cast iron skillet filled with hot bubbling cooking oil …

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Hard to imagine in one so uncertain that greatness comes without warning. I amaze me from A to Z My thoughts find me one night talking to my other self, the me that I’ve never met. And yet, in the darkness… I find myself A mirrored metaphor sharing myself unrestrained conversations I’m finally unafraid to …

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