Flowing Like Milk and Honey

Words don't escape me, I let them out silky and smooth like warm honey…

I am not without understanding. I need you to know that. I begin to speak and you don’t even hear me. You say, you see me. See, that’s the thing with you visually aroused audio impotents. You see me but you don’t hear me. I’m speaking words so deep and proving my point so clear …

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Words are disharmonious to the tune of a flat out lie your talent for becoming that one thing Masters Guild Maestro with a penchant the beautiful misery each word sounding more untruthful than the next but we don’t say that do we? Who is to say what to believe when the truth is a hostage …

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Sweet lyrical dreamer inspire dreams in me as I collect words and stack them like mosaic tiles against the walls of my mind. Dreamer of words like mix matched bits of randomness that speaks clearly to the person that I am. Dreaming of picturesque words the dream doesn’t fester like decaying fruit. Dreaming of agonizing …

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Lace, red and pink antique manufactured, laser-jet printed cardboard paper cards that say “I Love You” and “You are the One” pastel sugar candy hearts evoking short messages of endearments “Be Mine” “U R a QT” chocolate cupids shooting arrows for your sticky sweet affection and floral arrangements of red pink or yellow roses long-stemmed …

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“one revolution around the sun and you’ll follow me, my moon” said the planet “one revolution by me and you’ll follow the sun, my planet” said the moon dancing about the heavens an elliptical tango a celestial waltz and balance keeps waning and balance keeps waxing as the moon dances in shadow and brilliance and …

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You see the dark and expect darkness believing the black is the pure absence of light My heart breaks in your darkness my brothers and my sisters fading in your light I am the dark and accept my darkness knowing the black is complete absorption of light My heart aches in my darkness oppressed in …

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