Flowing Like Milk and Honey

Words don't escape me, I let them out silky and smooth like warm honey…

King me and let me pretend that the little gesture gives me the power a man can’t even afford to have Knight me and let me pretend that the little gesture gives me the honor a man’s can’t even afford to lose Man up and face the reality of a world that sees the meekness …

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This Overwhelming world, is temporary but still I feel restless in the darkness weighed down by my threadbare skin. Wanting to be innocent, stripping free of my burdens laying them down by the river’s side. Naked soul enters the pool. Free me from my worries and fears. Take me away from this depraved world. Frail, …

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Better days Good ol’ days We’re always looking back. Top down cruisin’ Afro blowin’ Isleys on the 8 track. Bell bottom swayin’ Platforms clackin’ Awareness on the rise. Outspoken leaders Radical rebels Not afraid to show our pride. Better days Good ol’ days We’re always looking back. Racists brothers Fatherless mothers And the gov’s dealin’ …

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You see the dark and expect darkness believing the black is the pure absence of light My heart breaks in your darkness my brothers and my sisters fading in your light I am the dark and accept my darkness knowing the black is complete absorption of light My heart aches in my darkness oppressed in …

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And then he told me that he did not see me as black but as a beautiful woman and that race didn’t matter. The last time that he ever spoke. Because what I said was… Just because you find yourself saying that all these random colors are a part of the rainbow, you don’t even …

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